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Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Official language Shirerithian English
Capital Shirekeep
Number of citizens 25
Number of active citizens 10
Date founded April 24, 2000
Government Imperial Republic
Current leader Kaiser Letifer II
Currency Erb
National animal Blue Moose
National fruit/food Mango
National drink N/A


The Republic of Shireroth was founded on April 24, 2000, by Erik Metzler. In its original incarnation, it was a direct democracy, but this lasted only a few weeks before the country was absorbed into first Audentior, then Jasonia, and finally the Union of Apollo States.

After the last of these broke apart, Shireroth reasserted its independence. Erik Metzler, once again in charge, changed the government to an absolute monarchy under a Kaiser, and created a small feudal system with two Duchies, Brookshire and Goldshire. Shireroth soon became much more important than its youth would indicate as Patrick Foley chose to bequeath the remnants of the UAS to it as the Duchy of Kildare. With a number of military-oriented types like Daniel K and Greg Russell, Shireroth even menaced the largest power of the time, the Flying Islands of Jasonia. However, due to real life issues, Kaiser Metzler I disappeared for a while, and Shireroth disappeared with it.

When Erik returned, he pulled the newly revived Shireroth into the Benacian Commonwealth with Hyperborea and Machiavellia. This soon led to the merge that became the Hegemony of Alexandros and later Tymaria, tying up Shireroth in larger nations until 2002.

When Shireroth reappeared after the Tymarian secessions of July 2002, it had managed to gobble up several smaller Tymarian states and gained the territories of Hyperborea, Yardistan, Jaris, and Akerbjorn, among many others. The feudal system expanded vastly to include a new level, Baron, and the Landsraad became a major organ of government.

Over the next two and a half years, Shireroth managed to dispel its image as being less serious and take its place alongside Babkha and Attera as one of the world's leading micronations. Through a series of diplomatic victories like the Mango-Camel Pact with Babkha, it gained a strong position in the international community despite a continued isolationist bent when nothing is going on that directly affects it. It also continued gaining citizens and territory, so much so that the MCS has a rule that Shireroth can never gain any more land.

Shireroth's latest expansion came in January 2005 with the acquisition of Antica as a Duchy.

The Government

Shireroth is, for all intents and purposes, a feudal nation with a supreme ruler.

The Kaiser

The Imperial Republic of Shireroth

Early History of Shireroth
Recent History of Shireroth (Post Tymaria)
Census of Shireroth

The Kaiser - The Steward
The Landsraad - The Praetor - The Imperial Judex
The Feudal Structure
Duchies - Baronies - Counties

The Charter - The DecreeBook - The LawBook

Ministry of the Exterior - Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization
Ministry of Information - Ministry of Military Affairs
Ministry of Trade

Sir John Metzler III University
Cedrist Church - Soloralist Faith

Duchy of Brookshire - Duchy of Elwynn
Duchy of Kildare - Duchy of Yardistan
Duchy of Straylight
Bailiwick of Lac Glacei

The Kaiser of Shireroth is the absolute monarch of the country, whose word is law. Traditionally, the Kaiser has issued his edicts in the form of Imperial Decrees, though there are also Imperial Proclamations that voice opinions but without the force of law. The Kaiser has the ability to appoint Nobles and Ministers, and his power is only limited by the Imperial Charter -which he can edit at any time.

The Landsraad and Nobles

Historically, the Kaiser has enlisted the aid of a council of Nobles known as the Landsraad as a voting legislature. The body exists at the Kaiser's pleasure and he can dissolve or restore it at any time for any reason. Initially the body was a small council composed solely of Dukes, but it has grown to include Barons, the class of noble below a Duke, and, with some restrictions, ministers. The Landsraad is limited in its power and cannot pass laws that violate Imperial Decrees. Laws passed by the Landsraad are added to or amended in the Lawbook, a document which contains all of the laws of the nation except for Imperial and Ducal decrees.

Shireroth is divided up into a number of territories known as subdivisions. Each subdivision is ruled over by a noble who has absolute control over the subdivision, provided that he or she does not violate Imperial law and that he or she does not opt to use a non-feudal government within the subdivision. Dukes are the highest level of noble below the Kaiser and they control a teretory in Shireroth known as a duchy. There are currently three Duchies in Shireroth: Elwynn, Kildare, and Naudia'Diva; Brookshire, Yardistan, Goldshire, Hyperborea, Lothlaria, and Arminy have also been Duchies. Brookshire and Goldshire were the original Duchies; the others are formed from other nations which chose to join with Shireroth or which were created from other land that Shireroth controlled.

Duchies may be divided up further into Baronies under a Baron, and those Baronies may be divided up further into Counties. Dukes and Barons are officially recognized as legitamate nobles by the Imperial Government and are allowed seats and votes in the Landsraad; however, Counts are not considered actual nobles.


The Kaiser gives menial tasks and other executive duties to his assistants, known as Ministers. They perform many tasks that the Kaiser could not be bothered with or which he does not have the specific knowledge to effect.

The Imperial Judex

The Imperial Judex serves as the Judicial system for Shireoth. It allows citizens to address grievences either amongst each other or with the laws without busying the Kaiser. Cases are judged by the Provost--there is no jury.


Shireroth is a recreational micronation, and although it claims Sonoma County, California, where most of the population resides, it is not seriously secessionist. The Yardistani Annexation Corps, however, can and does annex anything that strikes its fancy.

The national animal is the mythical, rare Shirerithian Blue Moose, the national fruit is the mango, and the national guard is the sheer ugliness of the forums, topped off by Malarbor, a menacing evil-tree-guy-figure in the background.

Every Duchy also tends to have its own specific culutre. Some duchies, such as Brookshire, seem to have a culutre that strongly resembles the culture of the nation as a whole. Others, such as Hyperborea, have a strong and developed culture that has developed independently of Shireroth.

Shireroth is also home to Cedrism and its more famous sister faith B0O0/\/\ism.

More extensive histories of Shireroth can be found here and here.

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