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Republic of Shimmerspring
Flag of Shimmerspring
Coat of Arms of Shimmerspring
Coat of Arms
Motto: Freedom, Order, Unity
Location of Shimmerspring
Map versions None
Capital Mortis Mercatoria
Largest city Elder Beacon, Jugensk, Jakovita
Official language(s) Istvanistani (official); Præta (common)
Official religion(s)
Demonym Shimmerspringer
 - Adjective Shimmerspring
Government military junta
 - President Joshua Ding-Eagle
 - Legislature The Legislative Arm
Establishment 9.II.1679
Population 1 million (est.)
Currency Natopian natopo (₦)
Abbreviation SHM (proposed)
Driving side
Time zone(s) CMT-8
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree

The Republic of Shimmerspring is a republic in south Benacia, controlling most of the former Shirerithian county of Shimmerspring. Declared independent by the Istvanistani Patriotic Army on 9.II.1679 as a response to Sanama's annexation of Highpass following tensions between the IPA and the Sanaman government, the Republic of Shimmerspring is an Istvanistani-language-supremacist, anti-Præta polity. Due to Shimmerspring's recent history of being resettled by Shirerithian plantation-workers[1], the order and discipline of the IPA quickly brought peace to the region with IPA promises of freedom for all who declare their loyalty to the new republic. In this respect, the IPA has taken inspiration from the Black Legions (whose tactics the IPA have studied carefully).

By VII.1679, the IPA set up a Constitution of the Republic of Shimmerspring which merged the IPA with the governments of the former county. In so do doing, the IPA, now renamed the Shimmerspring Republican Guard, would oversee a transition of power over the next eight years in a series of rotations of elections and selections of members of the Legislature.

The Raspur Pact considers Shimmerspring to be a depopulated Shirerithian county presently occupied by rebel forces, as such the policy advanced by Benacia Command is for the restoration of governance by a recognised authority that is subject both to the Pact and to the Covenant and for the resumption of resettlement efforts utilising land grants in favour of the recipients of manumission in surplus population regions such as Sathrati. By insisting upon recognition as an independent state before terms could be discussed, the IPA regime in Mortis Mercatoria in all likelihood had already sealed its fate within the first months of its establishment. An early ballistic missile attack on the ruinous capital city, carried out by the Black Legions only seven days after the declaration of the Republic, indicated that Shimmerspring's new rulers would be very lucky to see out the so-called eight year transition period.

Surprisingly, however, once the Republic of Shimmerspring began making moves to appease the Shirerithians and the Raspur Pact, Shireroth announced its recognition of the Republic's claims on Shimmerspring on 21.VIII.1679.

  1. ^ The Shimmerspring region, having once been infested by Deep Singers prior to their evacuation westwards, was still contaminated by the poisoned legacy of bio-engineering which had left whole swathes of the countryside outside of the ruined cities thoroughly unsuitable for human habitation.