Sheng-class cruiser

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Sheng-class Cruiser
Sheng Cruiser 3.png
Type: Battlecruiser
Place of origin: Jingdao

In service: 6415 ASC - present
Used by:
Flag Jingdao.png
Jingdaoese Empire
In service: 1

Designed: 6410 - 6414 ASC
Manufacturer: Logo Sokoku Industries.pngSokoku Industries

Displacement: 10,600 tons (load)

14,200 tons (full load)

Length: 202.5m
Beam: 21.5m
Draught: 7.2m (deep load)
Speed: 35 knots
Complement: 50 officers, 800 men
Armament: 9 × 46.0 cm guns (3×3)

8 × 15.5 cm guns
2 × 25 mm AA guns (6×2)
2 × 20 mm/70 cal anti-aircraft cannons
2 × 20 mm/76 cal Phalanx CIWS
12 x missile launch platforms

Anunia points: 2,500
A Sheng cruiser at sea.

The Sheng-class (battle)cruiser was the first developed Jingdaoese battlecruiser since the start of the Xindao Program (New Path Program), which focused on a massive expansion of the Navy to counter the Shirerithian rearmament programme, that was itself a response to the ongoing Sxiro-Jingdaoese Confrontation over the loss of Kildare.

The Sheng is considered to be a departure from its predecessors in that the placement of armaments has been rationalised so that the gun-turrets no longer mutually obstruct their respective fields of fire, which had been something of a tradition hitherto in the Jingdaoese Navy.

The cruisers have stronger armor and heavier guns, so they are potentially more powerful at the cost of being more expensive, less manoeuvrable and more detectable. They may stand in the line of battle in the absence of battleships or battlecruisers.

Old photo of a Sheng cruiser.
Old photo of a Sheng cruiser.