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Sharovia national football team

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Sharovia Sharovia
FMF member 2007–08
Confederation EMUFA
FMF code SHV
First FMF intermicronational
Craitland Craitland 7–1 Sharovia Sharovia
Biggest defeat
Craitland Craitland 7–1 Sharovia Sharovia

The Sharovia national football team was the football team which represented the Riponian autonomous territory of Sharovia. It was a member of the EMUFA.


The team was founded in 2007 after Sharovia, which had existed on Micras since before the FMF's founding, applied successfully for FMF membership prior to the inaugural EMU Championships. The team finished bottom of their seven-team group, losing all of their matches. Sharovia left Micras in mid-2008 as part of Riponia's death.

Chronological competitive participation



Sharovia used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: