Senyan language numerical system

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The Senyan language numerical system is the system of counting in the Senyan language.

Basic numbers

Digits Scientific
Mensk Minus
Penkt Decimal point .
Mensken Minus one −1 1x10−1
Nil Zero 0 0
En One 1 1x100
To Two 2 2x100
Tre Three 3 3x100
Fer Four 4 4x100
Fem Five 5 5x100
Sekt Six 6 6x100
Seter Seven 7 7x100
Erkt Eight 8 8x100
Nōn Nine 9 9x100
Sëg Ten 10 1x101
Sëgen Eleven 11 1.1x101
Tosëg Twenty 20 2x101
Tosëgen Twenty-one 21 2.1x101
Hönder Hundred 100 1x102
Tösen Thousand 1,000 1x103
Arg Million 1,000,000 1x106
Barg Billion 1,000,000,000 1x109

From Barg onwards, every power of three results in the next consonant of the Senyan alphabet replacing the previous letter. This continue until Zarg (1x1069), after which one is supposed to use scientific notation.

1x1072 problem

From 1x1072 it is literally impossible to write in words or say any larger number. This results in the infamous number of 1x1072−1 being the largest interger possible to say (Nōnhöndernōnsëgnōnzargnōnhöndernōnsëgnōnyargnōnhöndernōnsëgnōnwargnōnhöndernōnsëgnōnvargnōnhöndernōnsëgnōntargnōnhöndernōnsëgnōnƨarg