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Senyan League

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Senyan League
Countries Senya Senya
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
Number of teams 32 (in 4 divisions)
Levels on pyramid 1–4
Relegation to Eastern League
Svorgas District Football League
Western League
Domestic cup(s) Kopa Sanya
League cup(s) Senyan Football League Cup
International cup(s) AEFA Champions' League
Current champions Urzi Magalatska
Most championships Jogasim Revolution (4)
2019–20 Senyan League

The Senyan League is the top football league in Senya. Sanctioned by FADESS, the league is split into four divisions; the Top League, the Second League, the Third League and the Fourth League, according to their position on the Senyan football league pyramid, respectively. Each division contains twelve teams with promotion and relegation in operation between the leagues, with relegation possible to feeder leagues. The league is also open to clubs from Lamantia, with four Lamantian clubs (King's Lynn Town, AFC Colgrad, Nordkamp FC and Borussia Bergdorf) having played in the Senyan Legaue. These clubs are ineligable to qualify for Apollonian competition by virtue of the league, and instead must qualify through the FKFB-Pokal. The League however is not open to clubs from Ranentsi, Tiana or clubs from other nations.


Originally, the League comprised only of 3 tiers (Top, Second and Third), with 8 teams, with the top teams going up and bottom going down, with 7th placed in the higher tier playing a play-off with the 2nd placed tier of the lower tier.
In 2015, a Fourth league was added, and the relegation system was amended, so that the bottom two clubs of the higher tier were relegated, with only the champions of the lower tier being promoted, with a play-off contested between 2nd and 3rd in the table.
In 2017, the each division was expanded to 12 teams, with the bottom three in each division being relegated (except for four teams in the Fourth League), with the top two promoted automatically and the teams in third and fourth playing a play-off for the final promotion spot.


Year Winners Second League Third League Fourth League
2012–13 Jogasim Revolution (1) Urzi Magalatska Chocolate Svorgas
2013–14 Jogasim Revolution (2) Svorgas Knights King's Lynn Town
2014–15 Jogasim Revolution (3) Politzëa Red Star
2015–16 Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets (1) Svorgas FC Sitizōnas Bɏer Moroni Vōnam Svorgas
2016–17 Jogasim Revolution (4) FK Tiga Eprat City Harps AFC Colgrad
2017–18 Kateki Blavisen (1) Jogasim Rovers AFC Colgrad Sotringham Rovers
2018–19 Kateki Blavisen (2) Svorgas Knights Sloban Otvardket Dragon Hall United
2019–20 Urzi Magalatska (1) Eprat City