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Senyan League Cup

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The Senyan Football League Cup is a football tournament in Senya. Run by FADESS, the tournament features all 24 league teams in Senya.


All Second & Third division clubs start off in Round 1, whilst all Top League sides start in Round 2. In the first round, a second division and a third division side will play each other in a single game. The winner advances to round 2. In round 2, the winners of the last round will play a top league side. The winners of these games advance to the Quater-Finals, with those winners going onto the Semi-Finals, and the winner there going into the Final.


  • If a game is drawn at the end of 90 minutes, the game shall go to a period of 30 minutes extra time, made up of two 15 minute halfs.
  • If after Extra Time, the tie is still level, the game goes to a penalty shoot-out to decide the winner.
  • If a player is sent-off, they will recieve a 2 match domestic ban, along with a ban on the next league cup fixture
  • If a player is sent-off for two bookable offences, they will be suspended for the next League Cup match.
  • A player can only represent 1 club per season in this tournament.

Previous tournaments

Year Winners Score Runners-up
Kateki Blavisen 4–4
9–8 (pens)
Jogasim Revolution
Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets 3–0 Svorgas Scitenhima
Svorgas Scitenhima 1–0 Svorgas FC
Politzëa 2–0 Bordelor
Kateki Blavisen 2–0 Politzëa