Senya TV Sport

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Senya TV Sport
Industry Television
Area served Senya, Lamantia, Tiana
Owner(s) Senyan Government
Parent Senya TV

Senya TV Sport is a sports television corporation based in Senya, which is an arm of Senya TV. Despite being owned by Senya TV, Senya TV Sport is largely independent on an operating and management basis. Under Senyan law, Senya TV Sport has the right of first refusal to broadcast all domestic sporting events and the exclusive right to television broadcasts of Category 1 sporting events (the FMF World Cup, Copa Apollonia and the Micras Games).

Domestic broadcasting

In Senya, Senya TV Sport operates daily 11 channels; a sports news channel (Senya TV Sport News), 5 football specific channels (named Senya TV Sport 1–5), a rugby channel (Senya TV Sport 8), an ice hockey channel (Senya TV Sport 9), a minor sports channel (Senya TV Sport 10) and three spare channels which are used to broadcast additional events when the sport-specific channel's schedules are full up. Additionally, there is a red button service for all channels which is used by the football channels to allow the broadcast of multiple games, and all sports broadcasts are streamed online.

Senya TV Sport is known in Senya for its flagship football discussion program Magzanya Sanya Fötbal and its broadcasting of all domestic Senyan football and national team matches.

The channel provides coverage in three languages; English, Senyan and German, with occasional programs being broadcast in Rivorian and Ranentsian.