Second Kildarian Revolution

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Second Kildarian Revolution
Date 7.IV 1704 AN
Location Jingdaoese Community, Great Apollonian Empire
Status Ongoing
DARK Democratic Apollonian Republic of Kildare
Jingdaoese community Jingdaoese Community
Great Apollonian Empire Great Apollonian Empire

The Second Kildarian Revolution, or Revolution of 1704, was a conflict which erupted within the western and eastern states of the Great Apollonian Empire. Economic and financial troubles, increased by the ethnic tensions and a lack of political progress in solving social and economical troubles, lay at the core of the revolution. The outbreak of the revolution and the violence which accompanied it, further vaporised support of the pro-federalist and pro-empire factions.

It eventually resulted in the collapse of the short-lived, but largest empire of Micras and the establishment of the Democratic Apollonian Republic of Kildare, the Qyzyl People's Republic and Alrig Autonomous Republic. The eastern part of the empire, re-transformed itself back into the Ultimate Çakar Sultanate.