Santander Railway Corporation

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Santander Railway Corporation is a corporation registered and operating under the laws of the Federation of Alduria and the Wechua Nation on 22.V.1688. It has authorized capital of 200 billion Natopos, working capital of around 51 billion Natopos, and has 45%, or approximately 450 million shares, priced at the Alduro-Wechua écu equivalent of 100 natopos per share, listed on the Cardenas Stock Exchange starting 15.VI.1688.

Line of Business

The Santander Railway Corporation is a public-private partnership and joint venture established to construct, operate, and maintain a passenger and freight railway system from the Port of Jirishanca to the capital, Cardenas, with options to extend railway lines to nearby settlements as well.


A 12-member Board of Directors, elected annually by the shareholders, controls the company, while daily management is run by an executive team elected annually by majority of the Board of Directors.