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Sanama national football team

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Sanama Sanama
Association SFF
FMF member 2019–
Confederation WMFA
Home stadium SanOil Arena
FMF code SNM
First FMF intermicronational
Sanama Sanama 3–1 Sovereign Confederation CSN
Biggest win
Inner Benacia Inner Benacia 0–9 Sanama Sanama
Biggest defeat
Sanama Sanama 2–4 Elwynn Elwynn
Benacia Cup
Appearances 1 (first in 2020)
Best result Winners

The Sanama national football team is the football team which represents the micronation of Sanama. It is a member of the WMFA, and is run by the SFF.

The team is the official successor of Sanilla and Amarra, and as such retains its records.


The team was founded in mid-2019 after the foundation of Sanama as the successor state to Sanilla and Amarra. Soon afterwards, the team competed as hosts in the inaugural Vulture Cup, topping their group with seven points before beating the Unified Governorates on penalties and losing to Elwynn to finish as runners-up.

In the following year's Benacia Cup qualifiers, the team topped their four-team group unbeaten with 16 points and qualified for a first ever finals. In the finals, the team performed well and advanced from their group in second with five points before overcoming Elwynn in the semi-finals and Craitland in the final, both on penalties, to become WMFA champions for the first time.

Chronological competitive participation


Current first team squad

No. Pos. Player Age Caps Goals Club
1 1GK John Hammonds 26 0 0 Sanama FC Tati
2 3DF Francisco Moreira 31 0 0 Sanama Siccre Calcio
3 3DF Malliki Ffani 24 0 0 Sanama Fatehpur Sikri FC
4 3DF Danilo Llai 26 0 0 Sanama Siccre Calcio
5 5MF Christopher Andretti 23 0 0 Sanama Acquecalde Calcio
6 5MF Tanilo Tosha 22 0 0 Floria Northcliff City
7 5MF Koke Shuma 28 0 0 Sanama Fatehpur Sikri FC
8 5MF Taki Walu 22 0 0 Floria Stonehall Hotspur
9 5MF Mushe Kanti 25 0 0 Floria Blackoak City
10 7FW Gjanluca Totti 19 0 0 Mercury Taylor Sporting Club
11 7FW Mariolino Sonetti 27 0 0 Craitland Sverige Tiem FC
12 1GK Charles West 28 0 0 Sanama Nee City Tigers AFC
13 3DF Amane Puli 23 0 0 Sanama Fatehpur Sikri FC
14 3DF Tanilo Kasho 26 0 0 Sanama FC Tati
15 3DF Peter Wilamu 29 0 0 Sanama Tosha United FC
16 3DF Danilo Wawa 25 0 0 Sanama Fatehpur Sikri FC
17 3DF Taki Shula 28 0 0 Sanama Tosha City FC
18 5MF Luigi Calone 24 0 0 Sanama Acquecalde Calcio
19 5MF Mario Andrettoni 22 0 0 Sanama Acquecalde Calcio
20 5MF Kike Puli 23 0 0 Sanama Shumë Ama FC
21 5MF Joseph Shuma 28 0 0 Sanama Tosha United FC
22 7FW Jean-Pierre Picardie 20 0 0 Sanama Siccre Calcio
23 1GK Llani Llai 22 0 0 Sanama Acquecalde Calcio





Sanama has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: