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Sanama federal election, 1685

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The Sanama federal election, 1685 is the third federal election, third election to the Llusan and the second presidential election. It is also the first election to feature electoral districts as well as a majority bonus for the winning alliance of parties. During 1684 two such alliances were formed, the Alliance for Prosperity between the United Nationalist Alliance and the Sanaman National Party, and the Democratic League between the Sanaman Liberation Front and Coalition 1660. During 1685 in response to middling polling numbers, the Northern League, Partito Popolare Cisamarrese, Nationalist & Humanist Party, Yardistani List, Passikaaner Belang and Laqi People's Party formed the Regionalist Alliance in an attempt to secure representation on the federal level. Due to the precarious security situation in Western Shimmerspring, the territory is not yet represented in the Federal Assembly.

Presidential election

Opinion polling

Candidate Party 1.IV.1685 1.V.1685 1.VI.1685 1.VII.1685 1.VIII.1685 1.IX.1685
Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici Alliance for Prosperity/UNA 42% 44% 45% 46% 46% 47%
Pjetro Campucci Democratic League/SLF 36% 37% 39% 41% 43% 43%
Gregory L. Justice NL 5% 5% 5% 4% 4% 5%
Kiko Kumali SCP 1% 2% 2% 1% 1% 2%
Undecided 16% 12% 9% 8% 6% 3%

Election campaign

The presidential election campaign began in I.1685 when Nur Pinito Caprici set out on a nationwide speaking tour. Talking in front of massive crowds of Sanamans across Amarra and Sanilla, the President addressed issues like national security, national identity, social justice, labour rights and access to work. Relying heavily on her track record in those fields, she nevertheless outlined her policies going forward. "The common market of the Raspur Pact is a golden opportunity for Sanaman businesses and through them, Sanaman workers, to bring in wealth and prosperity to our nation", she said in front of a cheering crowd in Pakor City. Having presided over six years of unprecedented economic growth, in large due to export of oil and weapons, the presidential election seemed to be hers to lose. On 13.II.1685, in front of a crowd of 12,000 people in Niyi, she reiterated the pledge of the Alliance for Prosperity: Nation, Justice, Prosperity. Being a very able and passionate speaker, she appealed to her audience to give her another six years so she could fullfill the pledge. At the same time, she lashed out against her main rival, Pjetro Campucci of DL-SLF, maintaining that his demands for vast social programmes, additional infrastructure investments and a curtailing of oil extraction for environmental reasons, would ruin the nation, bankrupt the federal government, and bring in a deep recession. During the run-up to the election, Nur Pinito Caprici's poll numbers showed a slow but steady increase, but still short of an outright majority. Several respected pundits suggested that, given her track record, she should command a comfortable majority in the polls and the fact that her numbers were lower than expected was taken as a sign of sectional division and a reaction to a possible oncoming economic downturn. Indeed, signs of a slowing economy due to falling oil prices and excessive credit became more and more noticeable during 1685, with several economists predicting a lower GDP growth rate for 1686, possibly going into a slight recession come 1687. In response to these signs, and to provide more money for credit institutions, the national bank increased the printing of rilha during 1685, in turn leading to a modest but noticeable increase in the inflation rate. Several wars during the seventies and early eighties had also put a strain on the federal budget, causing an increase in the national debt.

Meanwhile, the main competitor for the presidency, Pjetro Campucci, of DL-SLF started his election campaign in II.1685. Attacking the president from the left, he maintained in all his rallies that the unprecedented economic growth was mainly benefiting the already well-off, instead of the vast number of people struggling to make ends meet. He accused the president of privatising businesses to benefit corporate sponsors and friends, of not protecting workers' rights, and not distributing the huge influx of money into the country in a more equitable manner. Campucci called for new extensive social programmes aimed at transferring wealth from corporations and rich people, to poor people and the working class through cash transfers. On top of this he proposed tapping into the oil fund, where a part of the oil revenue every year is deposited, to pay for increased unemployment benefits, government-sponsored jobs, parental leave, sick leave, additional payed vacation time. He also proposed a radical reduction in the military to help pay for these programmes. Campucci also called for social reforms, such as federal recognition and legalisation of same-sex marriage, federal recognition of a third legal gender, federal financial support for abortion clinics and gender confirmation surgeries, and increased employment protections for LGBTQ people. Several of these measures were also proposed by the United Nationalist Alliance, but Campucci called their support "populist" and "disingenuous", even calling the party and the Alliance for Prosperity "anti-LGBTQ". President Nur Pinito Caprici laughed off the attack at a subsequent rally where her domestic partner Maliya Kulahi attended. Campucci's positions were constantly under attack from both the far left that viewed them as "a small step in the right direction, but still capitalistic" and from the center-right calling them "expensive, dangerous and reckless".


Presidential election, 1685
← 1679 12.X.1685 1691 →
Turnout 61,542,339 (82.07%)

  Keysacaprici.jpg Pjetro Campucci.png
Candidate Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici Pjetro Campucci
Party United Nationalist Alliance Sanaman Liberation Front
Alliance Alliance for Prosperity Democratic League
Home state Eastern Sanilla Cisamarra
Direct popular vote vote 31,091,190 30,451,149
Percentage 50.52% 49.48%

President before election

Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici

Elected President

Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
United Nationalist Alliance

The presidential election of 1685 resulted in a narrow victory for incumbent Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici against the presidential candidate Pjetro Campucci from the SLF. A total of four candidates participated, but since Caprici did not garner a majority of the vote, second preference votes were redistributed from Gregory L. Justice of the Northern League and Kiko Kumali of the Sanaman Communist Party. A large part of the votes for Justice were redistributed to the second preference Caprici, helping to push her just above the 50 percent needed to be elected.


Senate election

After a constitutional amendment in 1684, the elections of 1685 marked the first time that Senators were directly elected by the people of each province. The two senators from Highpass and Sanama City respectively were also directly elected. Western Shimmerspring still lacked federal representation.


Senate election, 1685
12.X.1685 1691 →

All 85 seats of the Senate
43 seats needed for a majority

  First party Second party
Party United Nationalist Alliance Sanaman Liberation Front Sanaman National Party
Alliance Alliance for Prosperity Democratic League Alliance for Prosperity
  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Coalition 1660 Northern League Partito Popolare Cisamarrese
Alliance Democratic League
  Seventh party
Party N&H

Elected President of the Senate


Llusan election

Llusan election, 1685
← 1682 12.X.1685 1688 →

All 639 seats of the Llusan
320 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 64,739,643 (86.33%)

  Yon Qusen.png Pjetro Campucci.png GregJusticeSmugAF.jpg
Leader Yon Qusen Pjetro Campucci Gregory L. Justice
Alliance Alliance for Prosperity Democratic League Regionalist Alliance
Leader's seat Fatehpur Sikri Rosaria Woodshire
Last election 267 240 132
Seats won 296 a 227 116
Seat change 29 13 16
Popular vote 26,054,170 25,484,714 12,774,719
Percentage 40.24% 39.36% 19.73%
Swing 0.06% 3.18% 0.14%

Chancellor before election

Tanilo Lhayi
United Nationalist Alliance

Elected Chancellor

Yon Qusen
Sanaman National Party

Electoral districts

District Seats
Niyi 96
Eastern Sanilla 73
Thanatos 64
Eastern Amarra 62
Western Sanilla 60
Central Sanilla 59
Western Amarra 56
Fatehpur Sikri 55
Cisamarra 37
Highpass 10
Federal Capital Territory 2
Total 574


Party Leader Votes Share Seats Change
Alliance for Prosperity Yon Qusen 26,054,170 40.24% 296 29
United Nationalist Alliance Tanilo Lhayi 15,674,166 24.21% 178 23
Sanaman National Party Yon Qusen 10,380,004 16.03% 118 6
Democratic League Pjetro Campucci 25,484,714 39.36% 227 13
Sanaman Liberation Front Pjetro Campucci 15,625,158 24.14% 139 1
Coalition 1660 Salina Sumi 9,859,556 15.23% 88 14
Regionalist Alliance Gregory L. Justice 12,774,719 19.73% 116 16
Northern League Gregory L. Justice 4,406,416 6.81% 44 6
Partito Popolare Cisamarrese Andrea Bertolucci 3,473,379 5.37% 32 11
Nationalist & Humanist Party Fenna Bakker 2,206,937 3.41% 19 20
Yardistani List Sxir Mreno 711,193 1.10% 7 7
Passikaaner Belang Pim Voot 605,675 0.94% 6 6
Laqi People's Party Nafan Guschinin 577,331 0.89% 5 5
Forward Amarra 365,572 0.56% 3 3

Results by district

Central Sanilla
Party Share Seats
UNA 32.19% 19
SLF 30.23% 18
SNP 17.62% 10
C60 11.85% 7
N&H 4.91% 3
YL 2.63% 2
Total 59
Party Share Seats
PPC 53.21% 20
UNA 19.03% 7
SNP 14.37% 6
SLF 8.47% 3
C60 3.43% 1
Total 37
Eastern Amarra
Party Share Seats
SNP 27.24% 17
UNA 25.60% 16
SLF 20.29% 13
C60 17.55% 11
FA 5.25% 3
PB 1.94% 1
NL 1.58% 1
Total 62
Eastern Sanilla
Party Share Seats
UNA 28.10% 21
SLF 24.37% 18
C60 16.18% 12
SNP 14.28% 10
LPP 7.04% 5
N&H 5.84% 4
NL 4.02% 3
Total 73
Fatehpur Sikri
Party Share Seats
UNA 24.03% 13
C60 23.54% 13
SNP 19.37% 11
SLF 16.80% 9
N&H 6.50% 4
PPC 5.55% 3
NL 3.44% 2
Total 55
Federal Capital Territory
Party Share Seats
UNA 28.70% 1
SLF 23.62% 1
Total 2
Party Share Seats
PB 35.22% 4
SLF 28.00% 3
UNA 25.11% 3
Total 10
Party Share Seats
SLF 33.94% 33
UNA 24.18% 23
C60 15.45% 15
SNP 10.36% 10
NL 5.79% 6
PPC 5.02% 5
N&H 4.66% 4
Total 96
Party Share Seats
NL 49.39% 32
UNA 17.20% 11
SNP 15.42% 10
C60 9.12% 6
SLF 8.37% 5
Total 64
Western Amarra
Party Share Seats
SLF 25.98% 15
C60 22.46% 13
UNA 22.13% 12
SNP 19.87% 11
PPC 6.19% 4
PB 1.84% 1
Total 56
Western Sanilla
Party Share Seats
SLF 35.71% 21
UNA 22.13% 13
C60 15.82% 10
SNP 11.63% 7
YL 7.82% 5
N&H 6.73% 4
Total 60