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Sanama Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly election, 1683

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The Sanama Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly election, 1683 was the first election for the Sanaman seats in the newly formed Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly. The turnout was markedly lower than in the Llusan election the previous year. Both the United Nationalist Alliance and the Sanaman National Party saw significant gains in support, together with the Coalition 1660 and the Northern League. The Sanaman Liberation Front lost 1.6 percentage points compared to 1682, which is seen as a a possible negative precursor to the federal election in 1685.

Raspur Pact Parliamentary
Assembly election, 1683
12.X.1683 1688 →

All 57 seats of the Sanaman delegation
Five percent threshold.
Turnout 43,387,428 (72.18%)

  First party Second party
Party United Nationalist Alliance Sanaman Liberation Front Sanaman National Party
Seats won 15 11 10
Popular vote 10,712,356 8,291,337 7,549,412
Percentage 24.69% 19.11% 17.40%
  Fourth party Fifth party
Party Coalition 1660 Northern League Partito Popolare Cisamarrese
Seats won 9 5 4
Popular vote 6,989,715 3,488,349 2,633,617
Percentage 16.11% 8.04% 6.07%
  Seventh party
Party N&H
Seats won 3
Popular vote 2,217,098
Percentage 5.11%