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Sanama Department of the Interior

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Sanama Department of the Interior

Coat of arms of Sanama

Agency overview
Formed 1679 AN, 19 years ago
Preceding agency Department of the Interior
Type Council of State department
Jurisdiction Sanaman national government
Headquarters Sanama City, NCD
Employees TBA
Annual budget TBA
Agency executives Anila Orea, Secretary for the Interior
Parent agency Council of State
Child agencies
  • National Postal Service
  • Emergency Management Directorate
  • National Archives Directorate
  • National Survey and Mapping Directorate
  • Public Statistics Directorate
  • Sentient Species Directorate
  • Highpass Office
  • Overseas Office
  • Shimmerspring Office
  • Tourism Promotion Office

The Sanama Department of the Interior is the Council of State department responsible for various domestic issues, including subdivisions, administration, non-human sentience, sports, tourism and other domestic policy areas not handled by other departments. It forms a part of the Council of State and is headed by the Secretary for the Interior, reporting to the Chancellor. The department in its current form was created in 1687 with the passage of the new national constitution and the beginning of the Third Republic, but it traces its origin to the Department of the Interior established in 1679. The Secretary for the Interior directs the operations of the department, assisted by two Council of State secretaries and a civil service support staff. On 1.XII.1692 the position of Secretary for Public Administration was abolished and the responsible minister, Louise Seward, transferred to the Department of the Treasury as Secretary for Financial Markets.


Office Name Appointment Reporting agencies
Office of the Secretary for the Interior Anila Orea 1.XII.1691
Under Secretary for the Interior 1.XII.1691 National Postal Service
Deputy Under Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget 1.XII.1691
Deputy Under Secretary for Subdivision Relations 1.XII.1691 Highpass Office
Shimmerspring Office
Overseas Office
Under Secretary for Public Administration 1.XII.1691 National Archives Directorate
Public Statistics Directorate
National Survey and Mapping Directorate
Under Secretary for Non-Human Sentience Fereti Kasha Tolito 1.I.1694 Sentient Species Directorate
Under Secretary for Sports and Tourism Taliya Mosha Tolito 1.I.1694 Tourism Promotion Office
Office of the General Advocate
Office of the Inspector General