Samira al-Osman

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Samira al-Osman

Samira al-Osman II.png

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Race: Agnesian/Babkhi
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: xxx
Skin Colour: xxx

Biographical Information

Birth name Samira al-Osman
"Samira" (to close relatives and friends)
"The All-Seeing" (in Raspur)
Born Vijayanagara
Constancia Constancia
Raspur Raspur
Shireroth Shireroth

Years of service

Narrative to follow.

Born 1641, daughter of Tokara al-Osman.

17th in line to the succession of the Emirati Order of Succession. Married to Justin Guadalim. Appointed Governor of So-Sara in 1663. Granted asylum and citizenship in the Imperial State of Constancia, residence in the Principality of Molivadia in 1668. Minor administrative work in ESB and Raspurid Government, 1668-1671. Appointed Minister for Raspur in the Imperial Constancian Government and Civil Administrator for Raspur from 1671 to 1681. Appointed to the Imperial Senate in 1680. Ambassador to Elwynn & Special Envoy of the House of Osman in Alalehzamin in 1681.