Samiaii (town)

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Samiaii is a small town in the south of the island of Lucerne.

Nation: Lucerne, Mercury
Population: 1,413
Predominant language: Lucian, English

Main roads: L1
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor: N/A
Map versions:


The town was founded in mid-2012 when the dependency of Lucerne was established by Mercury.


Samiaii is located to the south of the island of Lucerne.


Samiaii links Lucerne to North Antarctica via the Fapefai le Samiaii (Charon Hovercraft), running every 30 minutes during the day. The town is also connected to the rest of the island by bus, with an hourly service to Lusa'aii and to Vai and Uliuli in the opposite direction.


Samiaii Malie play their matches in Lucerne's Westport Road stadium.