SPL Társika

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SPL Társika
SPL Társika.png
Full name Sokalpadates'ar Läerettöre'at-Társika
Founded 2012
Arena Istalmikres Elie Kuînt
City Port Isherwood
Manager Vissent Senežy
Head Coach Bort Jackson
League Micras Basketball Association

SPL Társika (Sokalpadates'ar Läerettöre'at-Társika, English: Tarsica Appreciators' Sporting Society) is a Gerenian basketball team based in Port Isherwood. They are part of the Micras Basketball Association.


The team were founded in 2012 by members of the University of Isherwood, who were part of the Tarsica Appreciators' Society. They competed during that year in university tournaments, eventually winning the Provincial Championship in September. In early 2013, the team became professional, and submitted an application to join the Micras Basketball Association for their inaugural season.


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