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Shirerithian-Alexandrian-Natopian Entente
Flag of SANE
Emblem of SANE
Hymn: Why would we need a hymn?
Location of SANE
Headquarters Lindström, Shirekeep, Vey
Official language(s)
Type Military alliance and free trade area
 - Permanent Commission Primo de Aguilar (Constancia)
Benjamin Meir (Natopia)
Ryker Everstone
 - Joint Military Council Basil Tzimiskes (Constancia)
Isabella Simrani-Kalirion (Natopia)
Liv Dravot (Shireroth)
 - Main assembly -
Establishment 7.V.1643 AN
Membership 3 member states
National website n/a
National forum n/a

The Shirerithian-Alexandrian-Natopian Entente, commonly referred to by its abbreviation SANE is an multilateral alliance founded around mutual defence, collective security and free trade.


Founding members of the organisation were Shireroth, Alexandria and Natopia, with Constancia joining later on. Following the devastating Alexandrian Flu and the consequent collapse of the Alexandrian Empire, the organisation now comprises of:


Permanent Commission

Joint Military Council


Negotiation and ratification

Hammish Civil War

War of Jingdaoese Immolation

Alexandrian Flu

War of Lost Brothers