Rulers of Natopia

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Emperor of the Natopians
Full Greater Arms of the Empire WP version Nathan II crest.png
The Imperial Arms of His Most Bovic Majesty
Nate2 avatar.png
Nathan II
since 12 Sonnuber 1653 (AN)
Style His Most Bovic Majesty
(within Natopia)
His Majesty
(in international correspondence)
Residence Vista de Nada Palace
(Lindstrom, Natopia)
Appointer By succession
Term Lifetime
Inaugural holder Nathan Waffel-Paine
Formation 1509

The Emperor of the Natopians is the Head of State and Commander-in-chief of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation. The Emperor exercises his constitutional powers through the Imperial Court of Natopia.

List of Rulers

This is a list of all Rulers of Natopia, and their epithets, since it was founded as a city in 1471 AN (1113 ASC), holding the equivalent title to Head of State.

  1. Nett Opaegh the Conquerer
    • City President, 1471 - c.1488
  2. Nathan Waffel-Paine the Only
    • Grand Chancellor, c.1488-1506
    • King of Natopia, 1506 - 1509
    • Sovereign Natopian Emperor, 1509 - 1533?
  3. Brian Capelle the Late
  4. Nathan Waffel-Paine the Only
    • Bovic Emperor of Natopia, 1536 - 1556
  5. Konrad von Zeck the Willing
    • Bovic Emperor of Natopia, 1556 - 1575
  6. Butter Bull the Malevolent
    • Lord of Natopia, 1567 - 1572
  7. Nathan Waffel-Paine the Only
    • Sovereign of Natopia (as Theodores Athanatos), 1575 - 1596
    • Chancellor of the Dominion, 1596 -1608
  8. Christo Eucalyptos the Kingmaker
    • Chancellor of the Dominion, 1608 - 1610
  9. Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion of Waffel-Paine the Returned, the Once-Blinded
    • Emperor of the Natopians, 1610 - 1619
  10. Naian Waffel-Paine the Magnificient (posthumous), the Evergreen(1623-1644), the Bastard (1619 - 1623)
    • Emperor of the Natopians, 1619 - 1644
  11. Asara Waffel-Paine the Pious
    • Empress of the Natopians, 1644 - 1647
  12. Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak of Waffel-Paine the Bold
    • Emperor of the Natopians, 1647 - 1653
  13. Nathan Anders Aharsi Waffel-Paine
    • Emperor of the Natopians, 1653 - present

Titles Used by Natopian Rulers

The Natopian head of state has held a variety of titles since it was founded as a city in 1471. The power wielded by the Natopian rulers has also grown and faded in cycles varying between authoritarian chancellors to ceremonial monarchs.

Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation

Emperor of the Natopians

The current ruler of Natopia is styled as Emperor of the Natopians and exercises control over foreign policy, the military, and cultural aspects. This position has evolved from a ceremonial, judicial, religious figurehead to a powerful, secular monarch. The Emperor previously served as chief judge of Natopia until an independent Supreme Court was created by Ivo Angus. Since then, the Emperor has accumulated more power and control over external affairs, leaving internal affairs to the Chancellor.

Dominion of Natopia

Chancellor of the Dominion

For a brief period following the end of the theocracy under the Butter Bull, the secular Natopian government remained small, consisting of only the Frenzy and its presiding officer, the Chancellor. During this transitional phase, the Chancellor served as de facto head of state.

Sovereign of Natopia

While technically only the mortal representative of the Butter Bull, the true head of state during the Natopian Theocracy, the Sovereign of Natopia was also the Pentheros of the Dozan Bovic Church. The Sovereign continued to serve as ruler of Natopia after the Butter Bull left Micras.

Lord of Natopia

During the Natopian Theocracy, the Butter Bull took direct control of the Natopian state. He used the simple title, Lord of Natopia, to indicate his total possession of the state and its people.

Second Sovereign Natopian Empire

Bovic Emperor

This title was used immediately following Natopia's Reformation and resurgence form the Dark Age. The Bovic faith flourished in Athlon and provided a continuation of Natopian culture. As a result, the newly reorganized Natopian state adopted the Bovic faith as a central feature.

Republic of Natopia


A new republican form of government was attempted following the waning decline of the Sovereign Natopian Empire, demesnes were merged into only four (Tas Neemia, Ziegeland, Sororiya, and Klaasiya) and the monarchy was abolished in the hope of ushering in new ideas. The experiment proved unsuccessful and the Natopian state collapsed into a state of anarchy.

First Sovereign Natopian Empire

Sovereign Natopian Emperor

This title was used during an early phase of rapid expansion.

Sovereign Imperial Kingdom of Natopia

King of Natopia

The title of King was used for only three AN years before Natopia converted into an Empire due to rapid expansion.

Sovereign Imperial Republic of Natopia

Grand Chancellor

The Grand Chancellor's role in the early Natopian republics varied greatly, but almost always included the power to make decrees. The Grand Chancellor sometimes presided directly over the Frenzy, and at other times a separate officer, usually styled as Consul, presided.

Natopian Alliance

City President

This title was used by Nett Opaegh during Natopia's semi-mythical founding. The Natopian Alliance consisted of settlements around present day Lindstrom, Andiopolis, and Hazelwood.