Rubin Leonid Orientalis

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Rubin Leonid Orientalis (born 1671 in Kezan) is the youngest sibling of Kaiseress Salome and the youngest child of Kaiser Ayreon IV and his concubine Lady Isidora IV of Octavius-Teleni. He was born a few weeks after the death of his father.


He was given the name Rubin, "for he has seen my grief" (in the words of his mother, as he was born during her grief for the late kaiser), Leonid for being the son of Ayreon (which is Elw for "lion"), and Orientalis for being born in the East.


As the son of a Kaiser, Rubin is entitled to the style of Imperial Highness and the title Prince of Shireroth. Furthermore, he was made Count of Mirioth in 1673.