Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation

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Meckelnburgh Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation
Logo of the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation
Founded 2020
Headquarters Alexandretta, Meckelnburgh
FMF affiliation 2020
AEFA affiliation 2020
President Tryggvi Ölvirsson
Website soccer.mb

The Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation (RMSF; Alexandrian: Fédération Meckelmbourgeoise royale de football; Aspiranto: Reĝa Mekelnburga Futbalo-Federacio) is the sanctioning body for association football in Meckelnburgh. It is responsible for the organization of the Meckelnburgh national football team and its domestic leagues, the Meckelnburgh Professional Soccer League (tiers 1-2) and the Meckelnburgh National Soccer League (tiers 3-5), as well as the training league Meckelnburgh Professional Development Soccer League.

The federation also manages the Meckelnburgh Collegiate Soccer League for academic soccer and the non-league Recreational Soccer Association of Meckelnburgh.


The federation is an agency of the kingdom's Ministry of Culture & Sport and is publicly funded.

Numerous independent teams and clubs existed prior to the RMSF, but lacked a unified sanctioning body. A formal federation was authorized in 2020 CE by the parliament of Meckelnburgh, which also provided financing for professional teams nationwide. After the success of the 2020 season, parliament has continued to appropriate RMSF funds for development and expansion.

Because of the sub-polar weather in Meckelnburgh, matches are often played indoors or in the snow, necessitating special facilities for many clubs and teams. The Ministry of Culture & Sport subsides a network of sportsplexes nationwide that provide for the warm-weather sports, including clubs of Meckelnish Soccer.


League system

Meckelnish soccer pyramid
Tier Leagues / Divisions
1 Professional League / Premier Division
12 teams
↓↑ 2 teams
2 Professional League / Challenger Division
12 teams
3 National League / Division I
12 clubs
↓↑ 2 clubs
4 National League / Division II
12 clubs
↓↑ 6 clubs
5 National League / Regional divisions
44 clubs divided in 3 regions
- Recreational Association
Various clubs

Development pyramid
Leagues / Divisions
Professional Development League / Division A
12 teams
↓↑ 2 teams
Professional Development League / Division B
12 teams

Various youth clubs
Collegiate League
29 teams