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Honourable Chrysean Trading Company

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The Honourable Chrysean Trading Company (HCTC), formerly known as the Royal Iron Company of Goldshire (RIC, 1687–1690) is a Chrysean company involved in shipping, logistics, finance, and arms trade, legally separated and nationalized from the Chrysean parts of the Iron Company in 1687. The RIC traces its origins to Blackstone (present day Salome Eiland) in 1638, and moved to Goldshire a year later. Its branches "in the cities of Chryse and Erudition" were given a royal warrant and named the Royal Iron Company of Goldshire by Queen Noor of Goldshire in 1640.

State-owned from its nationalization for a few months in 1687, the Chrysean government announced its privatization. In 1690 the High Commissioner of Chryse, Ayesha al-Osman, issued a circular to her fellow shareholders proposing to purchase the shares owned by her husband and by Lady Laegel as well as to rename the company as the Honourable Chrysean Trading Company. The motion passed. Following negotiations with several interested parties, the revisions to the company's ownership was announced to an extraordinary general meeting, held in the chambers of the Chrysean Commerce Authority on 7.XII.1690.

On 10.XII.1690 AN control of the Port of Chryse, including the container port, ferry terminals, and harbour authority was ceded to the Honourable Chrysean Trading Company by the High Commissioner.


As of 9.XIII.1690:

% of shares Owner
20 The Honourable Company in Benacia
19 Government of Chryse
17 Anzarolexion
14 Ayesha al-Osman
4 Tradeable stock on the Chrysean stock market
5 Prince Kir of Shireroth
5 Köping Tea Company
5 Locus Solus LLC
5 Nova English Salvage Company
5 Pentermacht Holdings Corporation
2 The Honorable Company
2 Ardashir Kalir Isorion al-Osman
2 Isor Osman Isorion al-Osman