Royal Chancellor (Gotzborg)

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The Royal Chancellor is the head of the Royal Government and chair of the Royal Cabinet Office. Responsible for the overall administration of government and the implementation of policy decisions by the Royal Cabinet, the Royal Chancellor is appointed by His Royal Majesty and serves at His pleasure.

The current Royal Chancellor is Lord Montin, who has held the position since July 16, 2010, making him the longest-serving in Gotzborg's history.

The Chancellery

Organizational chart of the Gotzborg Royal Chancellery as of March 2013.

The Chancellery is the bureaucratic office that exists to assist the Royal Chancellor in performing and meeting his wide-range of responsibilities. It consists generally of a core group of Crown Servants as well as special advisors who are appointed from time-to-time to advise on specific policy areas in which they have expertise or strong interest. Current positions within the Chancellery are as follows:


List of Royal Chancellors


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