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The Royal Caputian Government in Exile (RCGE) is the remnants of the fallen Kingdom of the Union of Caputia, reconstituted with Queen Elizabeth I of the House of Rothborne at its head.

After the collapse of the Caputian Kingdom due to the horrors of the White Plague, the survivors of the collapse left Keltia or settled in the Wechua Nation in anticipation of the ensuing regional conflicts that would occur with the death of a Keltian hegemon.

The RCGE does not hold any goals to recreate the Caputian kingdom, opting instead to be a steward and protector of the Caputian Micran diaspora. As of the latest census of the diaspora conducted by the RCGE finds 89,533,376 persons that have claim and proof of Caputian citizenship.

The RCGE is based in the city of Nivardom, Constancia. It maintains offices in and relationships with Constancia, Wechua Nation, Alduria, and Ransenar.

The purpose of the RCGE is established by the Declaration of Nivardom, a document that acts as the central legal charter for the RCGE, seeks to ensure freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity for the Caputian diaspora across Micras.


The Royal Caputian Government in Exile is an organization that represents the Caputian diaspora in the countries of Constancia, the Wechua Nation, Alduria, and Ransenar. It consists of representatives from Caputian political parties, organizations, and associations elected by persons that have “claim and proof of Caputian citizenship or ancestry.” The RCGE holds all the records and archives of Her Majesty’s Government, as well as the large amount of technology and data collected through the National Credit System in Caputia.

The Royal Caputian Government in Exile is chaired by Queen Elizabeth I of Caputia, who has commissioned Royston Merrick under a “commission of government” over the organization to serve as its Prime Minister. The RCGE has largely maintained most of the Caputian traditions of government in its structure and officials but establishing that all of it flows from the authority of the monarch of Caputia and the head of the House of Rothborne.


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