Royal Army of Genovia

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Royal Army of Genovia
Royal Military Standard
Genovian Troops Marching (circa 1941)
Active: 1690 - Present
Allegiance: Genovia
Personnel: 61,300 active duty personnel
(1.2 million reserves)

Type: Land Forces
Size: 4 Tanks
70 support vehicles
50,000 Civil Protection Officers
9,000 Infantry
1,100 Support Personnel
200 Administrating Roles
Nickname: "The loyal few"

Current Commander: Minister of Defense:
Dame Araceli Barajas
Conflicts & Deployments

Genovian Civil War
Phoko-Genovian War

The Royal Army of Genovia is the primary offensive and defensive military force of the Kingdom of Genovia. The army's primary job is to provide civil services to the people of Genovia in times of national distress. However, the army is also trained and equipped so as to protect the nation in times of war and to secure the sovereignty of the nation. During times of peace, the army serves a primarily ceremonial role, marching in parades and greeting/protecting high ranking government officials and foreign dignitaries.