Rosenborg, Afrikaana

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The city of Rosenborg is the capital of Afrikaana.

Nation: Afrikaana
Population: 97,231
Predominant language: Dakaïuru,English

Main roads: Mombasa Road
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor: Vacant
Map versions:


The city was founded in 2013 when Afrikaana was established. The city is the northern most city in the region.


Afrikaana is located to the north of the peninsula. Rosenborg is a major trading city, where goods are shipped from Lucerne and North Antarctica, as well as other countries in Apollonia.


Rosenborg is an industrial trading hub populated by businessmen and seafarers. It relies heavily on Napian tourism. Brewing is one of Afrikaana's main past time, and the beer brewed is reffered to as Odola eta izerdia d' Bogat, sold in most of the cities restaurants.


The culture of Rosenborg is based mainly on football. The local clubs Rosenborg United and Rosenborg City attracts enormous crowds.