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|name = Rivorian Liberation Army
|name = Rivorian Liberation Army
|war = the [[War of Lost Brothers‎]]
|war = the [[War of Lost Brothers‎]]
|image = [[File:Rivorian Liberation Army banner.png|300px|Logo of the RLA]]
|image = [[File:Rivorian Liberation Army banner.png|200px|Logo of the RLA]]
|caption = The RLA logo
|caption = The RLA logo
|active = 2014–
|active = 2014–

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Rivorian Liberation Army
Participant in the War of Lost Brothers‎
Logo of the RLA
The RLA logo
Active 2014–
Leaders Ledari Kunád I-Khaⱪȏns
Headquarters Brůz̀c͂awř
Area of operations River Warriors
Size Unknown, estimated to be at least 3,000
Opponents Jingdao, Jingdaoese paramilitaries, Pro-Jingdao groups

The Rivorian Liberation Army (often abbreviated to the RLA) is a Rivorian guerrilla group. Formed in 2014 in opposition to the Jingdaoese annexation of the River Warriors, the group is the main anti-Jingdaoese movement. The group is widely believed to be funded by the Senyan government, an allegation which they deny.