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The riq, also known as the ric, (Elw: рeқ req; Middle Elw: riq; Babkhi: rekh) is a traditional (Elw) Elwynnese system of measurement. The Elw word riq means measurement and is, confusingly, used as the main measurement for both length and weight. It is believed that the standard of measurement was taken from a tribal chief long ago who just happened to have these proportions. The Elw nickname for Duke Richard Lyon, Ric or Riq, is derived from the measurement. It came as a form of endearment of the duke, who physically, in his youth, displayed a remarkable semblance to the measurements.


  • ric, req (1.764 m), a ric. The unit is also used in Jingdao where, however, one ric corresponds to 1.76 m.
  • toric, toorriq = five rics ("hand of rics") = 8.82 m
  • rixon, riqzean = an Elwynnese mile = 625 rics = 1102.5 m
  • aze, aazu ("bone") = one fifth of a ric = a bone of a ric = 35.28 cm
  • kiss, kiz (finger) = one fifth of an aazu = 7.056 cm
  • enyar, enjar = one fifth of a kez = 1.42112 cm
  • kin, qen = one fifth of a kez = 0.28224 mm


  • ric, req (60.4 kg)
  • roseric, roosereq (a "committee of rics") = 302 kg (five rics)
  • lokai, lokaj ("bag") = 12.08 kg (one fifth of a ric)
  • livu, livu ("loaf") = 0.4832 kg (one fifth of a fifth of a lokaj)
  • ev ev ("grain") = 0.77312 grams (625 ev in one loaf)