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Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly

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The Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly is the main representative and legislative body of the Raspur Pact. Founded in 1683, its purpose is to provide a forum for popular participation in the proceedings of the Raspur Pact. All major decisions of the Pact require the advise and consent of the Parliamentary Assembly. A notable exception are operational military decisions which remain with the Joint Military Command.

Distribution of seats

Seats are proportionally distributed between the members in accordance with census population using the largest remainder method. Each member is also guaranteed an additional seven seats. The term of each Assembly is five years and the first one will be seated on 1.I.1684. Each member nation is free to choose its own method of election.

Nation Seats Election method
Natopia Natopia 164 Proportional popular election
Elwynn Elwynn 81 Proportional popular election in 5 constituencies
Sanama Sanama 57 Proportional popular election, five percent threshold
Floria Floria 49 Proportional popular election
Shireroth Shireroth 46
Sathrati Sathrati 44 Delegation appointed by executive
Ransenar Ransenar 35 Proportional popular election
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan 33 27 by proportional popular election, 3 appointed by executive, 3 appointed by the judge.
Alduria Alduria 20 Proportional popular election
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates 18 Delegation appointed by executive
Constancia Constancia 16 10 members elected by Dikastis, 5 members elected by Peers of the Imperial Senate, 1 appointed by Autokrator
Talenore Talenore 16 Delegation elected by the legislature
Wechua Wechua 12 Delegation appointed by executive