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Rania Lucius

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Rania Lucius
Rania Lucius.jpg
Full name Rania Bella Lucius
AKA رانيا لوسيوس
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color and style black
Eye color brown
Skin color white
Biographical information
Father Marcus Lucius
Mother Halima Michiels
Date of birth 1667 AN
Place of birth Ruhatyn, Beneluccas
Residence(s) Lucerne
Nationality New Batavian
Allegiance(s) Democratic Social Movement
Occupation Grand Vizier

Rania Bella Lucius (رانيا لوسيوس) is a New Batavian academic and politician. She is the youngest daughter of former Flemish president Marcus Lucius and his second wife, Halima Michiels.

Rania moved to Lucerne at age 19 to study law. While in college, she joined the Liberal Democratic Student Alliance, in which she became an activist. In 1690 AN, she became the president of the LDSA, and strongly supported the government-in-exile of the Islamic Internet Republic in their fight to re-establish the islamic democratic state.

In 1694 AN she became Vizier of Culture. In 1718 AN she became Grand Vizier and the first non-IRP Grand Vizier of the Fourth Republic.

Preceded by:
Harun Kurumi
Grand Vizier of New Batavia
2023-03-13 - 2023-11-03
Succeeded by
Muzaffar de Lange