Ramez (province)

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Ramez Province

Proziu Ramezes (gr)
Flag of Ramez
Coat of Arms of Ramez
Coat of Arms
Location of Ramez
Location of Ramez
Established 8 July 2012
Capital Ramez
Largest cities Ramez, Salavul, San Martín, San Andrés
Demonym Ramezian
 - Adjective Ramezian
Governor Julian Albets (IPG)
Area 5,632 km²
 - Ranked 9th
Population 471,497 (2017)
 - Ranked 6th
Density 83.72/km²
Abbreviation RZ

Ramez is a Gerenian province. It is bordered by Barzat to the south, Maremedres to the west, and Erstveda to the northeast, at both its north and east lies the Northern Sea.

Ramez is one of the least extensive, but the second most densely populated of the nation. Approximately two thirds of its population lives in the north and the east, where the capital, Ramez, and the biggest cities, are located. The west of Ramez features a mix of small villages and rural areas.

Originally depending on agriculture and trade, the entire province of Ramez developed alongside nearby Port Elerat, and became a major industry centre.

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