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Radicale Partij
Party logo
Leader Jacques Montrarde
Founded 1670 AN
Headquarters 's Koningenwaarde
Political ideology Nationalism, vinandism, militarism
Political position Right-wing
Colours Black
Parliamentary seats
51 / 150

The Radicalen (Radicals) is a small Batavian political party under colonel Jacques Montrarde. Members of the party are also called (Montrardisten (Montrardists). The party advocated an increase in military spending, a more aggressive foreign policy of expansion (especially towards the return of Gascony to Batavia) and a far-going nationalisation of the industry, to supply the troops with much-needed goods. Since the Second Amokolian War, the party has been increasingly against foreign influences.



The Radical Party was formed by Jacques Montrarde, a colonel in the Batavian Armed Forces in 1670 AN. Having been unsatisfied with the existing parties (Ultraroyalists, the conservatives and social democrats), he gathered a small group of loyal followers around him. He failed to receive sufficient support to run for the 1676 elections, but had high hopes of being elected in the 's Koningenwaarde district during the elections of 1675. Those were however called off by the King, and the Radicals missed their chance to get elected.

Rising discontent among both military (which lacked sufficient funding), as the general population with how the administration handled affairs increased Jacques' popularity among the masses. Being inspired by none less than the famous architect Adolf Perrier, the party was able to increase its member base. With the king holding absolute power for several years, elections remained impossible. The threat of war with the Raspur Pact increased the pressure on the Royal Government to - once more - hold elections.

In power

The 1680 Lagerhuis election led to a surprising victory. The party secured 34% of the votes, which made it the largest party within the Lagerhuis with 51 of 150 seats. Vowing to protect both the Crown and strengthen the parliament, it found a staunch ally in the Conservative Monarchist Party. With the election of Jacques Montrarde as new prime minister, a new coalition cabinet was quickly formed.


The Radicaks rally around the symbol of Lady Dietsland, who has been a symbol of liberty and prosperity since the early days of the Second Kingdom. Black is the party's colour, as it stands for the mourning of the party members for the decline of the Second Kingdom.