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Provinces of Sanama

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Sanama is divided into nine provinces, replacing the previous 69 cantons as the top level subdivision. They are further subdivided into regional government units, with different names in the different provinces. Highpass, the Sanaman Antarctic Territory and the Federal Capital Territory are outside the provinces and governed directly at the federal level. The reform from 69 federated cantons to nine federated provinces was carried out with the passage of the Second Republic constitution, and came into force on 12.X.1679.

Provinces of Sanama
Name Population (1680) Area (km2) Capital Official language(s)
Cisamarra 6,079,761 63,168 Acquecalde Cisamarrese
Western Amarra 9,207,083 116,513 Sëwulat Sanaman
Fatehpur Sikri 8,995,771 2,028 Fatehpur Sikri Sanaman, Istvanistani, Babkhi
Eastern Amarra 10,082,354 173,317 Pixa Sanaman
Western Sanilla 9,855,687 79,477 Port Niyi Sanaman
Niyi 15,754,606 6,887 Niyi Sanaman, Istvanistani
Central Sanilla 9,763,172 159,212 Kawite City Sanaman
Eastern Sanilla 11,885,051 95,974 Soli Sanaman
Thanatos 10,454,968 292,210 Malokati Istvanistani