Provinces of Craitland

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The provinces of Craitland.

Provinces are the largest subdivisions of Craitland, above the counties. There are six Craitish provinces, the uses of which stretch from that of council boroughs to the representative teams of the All-Craitland.


Flag Province Capital Location No. of counties
Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Location of Cherry Trees 2
Jedu Jedu Jedu-ó-Kuiĵ Location of Jedu 3
Klevets-ó-Sdaa Klevets-ó-Sdaa Biulya Location of Klevets-ó-Sdaa 7
Metzreäiĵer Metzreäiĵer Hänävissen-ó-Cräiteland Location of Metzreäiĵer 8
Obsĵaiduņ Obsĵaiduņ Tiem Location of Obsĵaiduņ 5
Unstjeiädón Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ Location of Unstjeiädón 7