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Prince of the Calbain

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Prince of the Calbain
Tywysog Calbain

Owain I
Owain II
Cedric I
Athyl I
Orwynn I
Orwynn II
Gwynedd I
Gwynedd II
Gwynedd III
Gwynedd IV
Arthur I
Arthur II
Arthur III
Arthur IV
Laclan I
Morgan I
Owain III
Morgan II
Laclan II
Morgan III
Lewis I
Lewis II
Llywelyn I
Julian I
Llywelyn II
Llywelyn III
Llywelyn IV
Llywelyn V
David I
David II
Llywelyn VI
Jack I
Jack II
Gustavus I

Prince of the Calbain (Calraeg: Tywysog Calbain) is the title for the ruler of the Calbain people and is subsequently the title of the head of state of Calbion.

First Era

It is hard to tell when the First Era starts, of monarchs before Owain I, nothing is known. It is thought that rulers until that day served for a limited term. The tribal society of the Calbain made the role of the Prince less important than it would later become. The first rulers of this list are only known from the biography of Cedric I, written by Merthyl of Penwlad in 340 CD.

Portrait Regal Name Reign notes
OwainI.jpg Owain I
The Great
401 CD - 381 CD The first known Prince of the Calbain.
OwainII.jpg Owain II 381 CD - 377 CD Killed by Cedric I in a duel.
CedricI.jpg Cedric I
The Betrayer
377 CD - 374 CD Killed Owain II, ruled as a despot and was executed after a trial held by the heads of the Calbain clans.

Second Era

The Second Era was introduced when Cedric I was executed by a gathering of family heads. He was replaced with Athyl I, who became the first elected head of state of Calbion. Princes were elected until Gwynedd II. The period of elected Princes is known as the Second Era.

Portrait Name Reign notes
AthylI.jpg Athyl I
The Chosen
374 CD - 361 CD First elected Prince of the Calbain, former clan leader who introduced the system of elected Princes.
Orwynn.jpg Orwynn I
The Just
361 CD - 317 CD Longest reigning ruler of Calbion until this date.
OrwynnII.jpg Orwynn II 317 CD - 305 CD

Gwynedd Dynasty

Portrait Name Reign notes
GwyneddI.jpg Gwynedd I
Tad y Deyrnas
305 CD - 286 CD Last elected Prince of the Calbain, founder of the Gwynedd dynasty that ruled Calbion for almost 40 years.
GwyneddII.jpg Gwynedd II 286 CD - 280 CD
GwyneddIII.jpg Gwynedd III
The Wise
280 CD - 271 CD Ordered judicidary reforms.
GwyneddIV.jpg Gwynedd IV
The divider
271 CD - 268 CD Oversaw the establishment of the Hidden Realms.

Princes of Dewlad

Portrait Name Reign notes
GwyneddIV.jpg Gwynedd IV
The divider
268 CD - 263 CD Oversaw the establishment of the Hidden Realms.
Arthur I.jpg Arthur I
263 CD - 255 CD
Arthur II.jpg Arthur II 255 CD - 251 CD
Arthur III.jpg Arthur III
251 CD - 249 CD Died in the Great Island War after bravely defending Llysthur Castle.
Arthur IV.jpg Arthur IV
The Last
249 CD - 249 CD Captured by Maraguan forces, last Prince of Dewlad.

Princes of Morwlad

Portrait Name Reign notes
GwyneddIV.jpg Gwynedd IV
The divider
268 CD - 268 CD Oversaw the establishment of the Hidden Realms.
Laclan I.jpg Laclan I
268 CD - 263 CD
Morgan I.jpg Morgan I 263 CD - 259 CD Considered by most historians to be nothing more than a pirate.
Owain III.png Owain III (Owain I) 259 CD - 254 CD
Morgan II.jpg Morgan II
The Seafarer
254 CD - 249 CD
240 CD - 219 CD
Most influential Prince of Morwlad
Laclan II.jpg Laclan II
249 CD - 240 CD
Morgan III.jpg Morgan III 219 - 215 CD
Lewis I.jpg Lewis I 215 - 212 CD During Lewis' reign, the lands of Morwlad were significantly reduced due to the Maraguan occupation.
Lewis II.jpg Lewis II
The Martyr
212 - 211 CD Killed by Maraguan forces, last Prince of Morwlad.

Princes of Penwlad

Portrait Name Reign notes
GwyneddIV.jpg Gwynedd IV
The divider
268 CD - 268 CD Oversaw the establishment of the Hidden Realms.
Llywelyn I.jpg Llywelyn I
Y Cyntaf
268 CD - 242 CD Founder of the Llywelyn dynasty, made Penwlad the most important Calbain nation.
Julian I.jpg Julian I
The Pious
242 CD - 239 CD
Llywelyn II.jpg Llywelyn II 239 CD - 218 CD
Llywelyn III.jpg Llywelyn III 218 CD - 200 CD
Llywelyn IV.jpg Llywelyn IV 200 - 200 CD
Llywelyn V.jpg Llywelyn V 200 - 172 CD Led the fight against the Maraguans, lost the capital city of Pentyre.
David I.jpg David I 172 - 163 CD
David II.jpg David II 263 - 150 CD
Llywelyn VI.jpg Llywelyn VI 150 - 139 CD Only ruled over a very small plot of land, the last Prince of Penwlad.


During the Maraguan period, many of the Princes of the Calbain lost large parts of their lands. Llywelyn VI is the last person to be proclaimed Prince as far as sources tell. Maraguan cultural genocide against the Calbain population resulted in an interregnum of 139 years.

Prince of the Calbain (restored)

Portrait Name Reign notes
JackI.jpg Jack I
The Great
8 ÔD - 45 ÔD Ruled for almost fourty years as Prince of the Calbain after his landing. Restored the Calbain nation and heritage.

Second interregnum

The second interregnum lasted from the Doom of Calbion (the destruction following the Calbain Independence War) and the subsequent Maraguan and Brettish reign. Llywelyn Lewis served as head of state in his position as Governor-General.

Prince of the Calbain (Second Restoration)

Portrait Regal Name Reign notes
JackII.jpg Jack II
O'r Gwaed
145 ÔD - uncertain Last living relative of Jack I. The Duke of Kilkelly was the first Prince of the Calbain in a hundred years.

Third interregnum

The third interregnum took place when Calbion came under the Jingdaoese flag. Calbion was abandoned shortly thereafter.

Prince of the Calbain (Unification with Arcadia)

Portrait Regal Name Reign notes
Gustavus.jpg Gustavus des Vinandy 1671 AN - current With the unification with Arcadia, the title of Prince of Calbain has been awarded to the King of Arcadia.