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Jaime Augusto Joaquin Primo de Aguilar
Spouse None
House House
Father Felipe Primo de Aguilar
Mother Name
Born xxxx
Santander, Alexandria

Jaime Augusto Joaquin Primo de Aguilar (born 1959) is the current First Consul and concurrent Third Consul of the Empire of the Alexandrians, and Secretary-General of the Micras Treaty Organization.

Born to a wealthy landowner in Santander, he was raised and educated overseas as his father escaped the communist revolution in Santander. He graduated from a foreign military academy with a degree in military science and received a commission in the Grand Army of the Empire as a Second Lieutenant. After finishing his requisite service abroad, he took up law at taught history at the military staff college. Subsequently promoted to Major in the Grand Army of the Empire, he enrolled in advanced military studies at a foreign War College.

On the death of his father and with recent political reforms in the Empire, he resigned his commission and took part in the 2011 Constitutional Convention.

In 2012, with the ratification of the new constitution, he was elected to the 1st Imperial Assembly, as a Deputy representing Santiago, Santander, where he served as Speaker Pro Tempore for three weeks. He was re-elected without serious opposition to his seat as Deputy representing Santiago, Santander, and was elected as Speaker of the 2nd and 3rd Imperial Assembly, where he served as a member of the Luthoria Commission, helping plan the Coronation.

In accordance with the Rules of the 3rd Imperial Assembly, he resigned as Speaker effective January 11, 2013, and was replaced by Reinaldo da Silva, Deputy for Los Santos, San Martin. He remained a humble backbencher and Deputy representing Santiago, Santander, for the 4th Imperial Assembly.

He later served as a member of the Chamber of Citizens, which was tasked to write a new Constitution.

With the Chamber of Citizens becoming functus officio by operation of law, and the only governing laws being the Decree of May 12 and the Articles of Emergency Governance, fearful of a dictatorship, he issued the Santander Manifesto at Edgardia Park on September 8, 2013, publicly petitioning the government for redress of grievances, and privately petitioning the Emperor for the same remedies.

On January 24, 2014, without any action forthcoming from the authorities, he issued a Pronunciamento declaring a Revolutionary Government, later publicly relinquishing this responsibility upon the convention once more of the Chamber of Citizens, where he served once more and helped ratify the 2014 May Constitution. He remained loyal to the Imperial Government during the attempted coup d'etat of First Consul Elizabeth Howard.

Re-elected to his seat as Deputy of Santiago, Santander in the 1st Imperial Assembly under the new constitution, he introduced necessary legislation, such as the Foreign Relations Act and the Regency Act. He was appointed by Letters Patent as Second Consul, Vice President of the Government, and Keeper of the Seals, taking office on April 2, 2016, where he promulgated regulations regarding Alexandrian corporate bodies. He also undertook an official visit to Gotzborg.

He argued before the High Court on the constitutional question of whether the Sadness and Sorrow Treaty superseded all prior constitutions and laws.

He was appointed and confirmed as First Consul on the opening of the 2nd Imperial Assembly under the 2014 May Constitution, serving until the dissolution of the 2nd Imperial Assembly under the new constitution.

In January 2015, he was appointed and confirmed as Third Consul, when Dr. Sebastian Goddestreau was First Consul. Later that March, he was elected Secretary-General of the Micras Treaty Organization. He also helped pass measures through the Imperial Assembly adopting international treaties, such as a treaty of mutual recognition and friendship with the Republic of Mercury.

Third Consul Primo de Aguilar came to an agreement with the governments of Elwynn and the Imperial Republic of Shireroth regarding the matter of Commonwealth Global, a corporation established under the laws of the Empire of the Alexandrians.