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President of the Government of Alduria-Wechua

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President of the Federal Government of

Seal of the President.png

Seal of the President of the Government
Alejandro Campos
since 1685 AN

Style His Excellency
Residence Querococha House
Monarch Manco Cápac
Term Five AN year term
Inaugural holder Alejandro Campos
Formation 1685 AN

The President of the Government of Alduria-Wechua is the head of the government of the Federation of Alduria and the Wechua Nation. The office was established on the founding of the Alduro-Wechua Federation in 1685 AN.

Its first and current holder is the Interim President Alejandro Campos, appointed in a transitional capacity by the King of the Federation, Manco Cápac.

List of Presidents

Photo Name Term Party Affiliation Monarch Notes


Alejandro Campos (1685-1686) Independent Manco Capac Appointed by King Manco Capac in a transitional capacity for a one year term.