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The President of Sevetia, officially the President of the State of Sevetia, is the head of state of the State of Sevetia, as well as head of the Cabinet.

The President is appointed by the Sevetian People's Assembly after being designated by the Cabinet, and must enjoy the confidence of the People's Assembly to remain in office. The term has a maximum length of four years, and a President cannot apply for a second term.

The current President is Harettsi Manhoren, who took office on 9 April 2019 (ST 0 04-26).


The Cabinet, currently composed of ten Ministers, agrees to nominate one of the Ministers as candidate. The Sevetian People's Assembly then proceeds to accept or reject the candidacy. If a candidate is rejected, the Cabinet must nominate another Minister.

A similar process occurs in all cases when the President is unable to perform their duties (such as death, resignation, or removal from office).

Powers and duties

The President has rather limited powers, since he or she is still a Minister. According to the Form of Government Act, the President is "the first representative of the Sevetian People before the nations of the world".

The President directs domestic and foreign policies with the consent of the rest of the Cabinet and the People's Assembly. Other relevant duties include presenting bills to the People's Assembly on behalf of the Cabinet, signing laws and Cabinet orders, and making reports on domestic and foreign relations to the People's Assembly.