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President of Sanama

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President of Sanama
Sanama Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms of Sanama
Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
since 1.XII.1679
Style Excellency
Residence Pahay Xonutili, Sanama City
Appointer Popular election
Term Six years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
Formation 1679

The President of Sanama, also titled Xonuti Rrumëli ("head of state") or Xonuti Sanamali ("leader of Sanama") in Sanaman, is the head of state of Sanama and shares the executive power of the federal government with the Council of State. The President appoints the Chancellor and can, in certain circumstances, dismiss him as well. The Chancellor must however also enjoy the confidence of the Llusan. The President may also veto legislation passed by the Federal Assembly. The position was created in 1679 when the new constitution created the Second Republic. No person can be elected President more than twice in a row. The inaugural holder of the office is Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici.


To participate in the presidential election, a candidate must be a Sanaman citizen living in the country. Only political parties with representation in the Federal Assembly can nominate candidates, and then only with the signatures of at least 20,000 citizens allowed to vote.


Line of succession

In the case of death, resignation or incapacitation, the Speaker of the Llusan assumes the presidency in an acting capacity until an election can be held. Such an election must be held within 35 days, and the person elected assumes the presidency permanently, and serves the rest of the ordinary presidential term. The only exception is if there is less than six months left until the next presidential election, in which case the Speaker remains as acting president until the election.

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