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The President of Alrig is the head of state and head of government in Alrig. His position is briefly described in the the Council of Driftwood dictate D-818-1 "Establishing the Alrrigian Republic" of 1663. This dictate confers to the president a right to make law, under the provision that it can be blocked by the Council of Driftwood with a simple majority. The president acts as government leader, this role is not described in Alriggian law, which relies heavily on customary law. Before the 1663 dictate, the powers of the president were not limited by codified law at all.


The right of President Hieronim Erazm to govern until 1680 was recognized by Dictate D-818-1. As founder of the nation, he was granted a longer term than his successors. The normal term for Alriggian presidents is six years according to the New Common Calendar.


Portrait Name Period Notes
Placeholder.png Hieronim Erazm 1656 - 1663 Position of the president not codified.
Placeholder.png Hieronim Erazm 1663 - 1680 Position of the president codified in 1663, Erazm remains president until 1680.
Luo dai.png Luo Dai 1680 - present Winner of the first presidential elections in 1680