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President of Alduria

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President of Alduria
Seal of the President of Alduria
Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz
since 15.X.1678
Style Excellency
Residence The Executive Mansion
Appointer Popular election
Term Five years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Alejandro Campos
Formation 1669

The President of Alduria, officially the President of the Republic of Alduria, is the executive head of state of Alduria.

The powers, functions, and duties of the Executive Office of the President, as well as their relation with the Prime Minister and Government of Alduria, are defined in the Constitution of Alduria.

The current president of the Republic of Alduria is Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz, he is the second person to occupy the office. He succeeded the first President of Alduria, Alejandro Campos.




Detailed constitutional powers

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Criminal responsibility and impeachment

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List of Presidents of Alduria

Living former Presidents of Alduria

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