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With nations on Micras having a wide range of cultural influences, languages play a considerable part in their makeup.

Natural languages

Many real-world languages have found their way onto Micras. Due to some long-standing ties to Earth-based projects, these languages are often referred to by their traditional names on this wiki. However, many contributors instead use "in-sim" names for languages—often alluding to former nations—as listed below:

Natural language Common name Also known as
Arabic Baatharzi Hatayyian, Toroshi
Aramaic Matbaic
Bulgarian Ranentsian
Dutch Batavian
English Common tongue[A] Istvanistani[B]
Finnish Lakkvian
French Alexandrian
Georgian Eklesian
German Holzer Germanian, Gotzer, South-Cibolan
Greek Constancian Athlonian, Kavalosian, Classical Kaikian
Greenlandic Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaquit
Hawaiian Hau'oli 'Ena
Icelandic Froyalanish
Indonesian Indokistani
Irish Tománn
Italian Gaian[C] Cisamarrese, Tellian
Japanese Sangunese Hoennese, Sanpanese
Korean Taesongean
Latin Audente Classical Platean
Malay Phinbellan
Maltese Parokan
Mandarin Jingdaoese
Norwegian Norse Hemsfordic, Høgmårkian
Old Dutch Diets
Old English Eastmoorlandish Jorvish
Old Norse Valtian
Persian Babkhi
Polish Interlandian Freelandic, Vatkavish
Quechua Wechu
Romani Black Traveller
Romanian Juclandian Sarnechi
Russian Patrovan Lostislandic, Mishalanese
Sámi Reindeer Herder
Samoan Lusana
Scottish Gaelic Florian[D]
Serbo-Croatian Krasnocorian
Slovene Ocian
Spanish Martino
Swedish Army Crandish
Thai Xangese
Turkish Antakian Hasani
Turkmen Qyzylqay
Vietnamese Chi Namese Minh
Welsh Calraeg
Yiddish Ashkenatzi Siyacher, Yeudi
  1. ^ The community's lingua franca, and most common means of in- and out-of-character interaction, is English. As such, no particular nations or regions are universally accepted as a "home" for English on Micras.
  2. ^ This usage has overtaken the original Slavic-influenced conlang of the Republic of Istvanistan, also called Istvanistani.
  3. ^ Officially a conlang formed from Italian and French influences.
  4. ^ Officially a conlang formed from Scottish Gaelic and Welsh influences.


Micras' constructed existence means that a number of constructed languages, or "conlangs", are also used on the planet. These can include languages built primarily from scratch with extensive vocabulary and grammar, those which are rudimentary pidgins from natural languages, effective ciphers, and even languages which have been described but have no recorded lexicon. Articles regarding such languages are categorised here.