Port of Vines

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A map of the Vine Markets.
  Pallisican Central Stock Fund
  Markets of Outer Corum
  Greater Eurani Trade Association
  West Keltian Trade Association
  Northern Sea of Storms Industrial Corporation
  Pallisican Port Felix Shipping Corporation
  Florian Economic and International Trade Federation
  Blore Heath Shipping Corporation
  Port of Jogi
  Port of Mylecia
  Port of Rouge
  Port of Jangsong
  Port of the Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark
  Port of the Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark (Disputed/Not Listed)
  Union of Krasnocorian Stock Companies
  Jingdaoese Common Market
  Nova English Trading Company
  Iron Cult of Leng

Established in 36.78 PSSC, the Port of Vines is an international marketplace which features brokerages representing the Bassarids, Jingdao, Nova England, Krasnocoria, the Florian Republic, and several other nations to a more limited extent.

A list of nations who participate in the Port of Vines may be found at the International Bank of the East.

An up-to-date list of transactions within the port of Storms can be found at the International Marketplace of the East.

For a near-definitive, running list of all the simulated products which can be purchased on the Port of Vines, please refer to the Wallis Mart Catalogue.

List of Companies Housed in the Port of Vines

Company Logo Company Name Regions Represented Price / Share Shares Offered (% Remaining)
Pcsflogo.png Pallisican Central Stock Fund 6 Polis 420,000 (63.3%)
Moclogo.png Markets of Outer Corum 5.5 Polis 385,000 (85.28%)
Getlogo2.png Greater Eurani Trade Association 11.5 Polis 805,000 (91.32%)
Wkt.png West Keltian Trade Association 9 Polis 630,000 (84.28%)
Nss.png Northern Sea of Storms Industrial Corporation 5.5 Polis 385,000 (72.92%)
Pfslogo.png Pallisican Port Felix Shipping Corporation 7.5 Polis 525,000 (93.90)
Pallisicanwarprosperity.png Pallisican War Prosperity Fund 4.5 Polis 315,000 (98.25%)
Sealogo.png New Zimian Space Exploration and Settlement Agency 3.5 Polis 245,000 (87.86%)
BloreHeathflag.png Blore Heath Shipping Corporation

Blore Heath

4 Lievs 280,000 (48.21%)
Jogiflag.png Port of Jogi


5 Lievs 350,000 (50.37%)
Myleciaflag.png Port of Mylecia


5.5 Lievs 385,000 (57.45%)
Rougeflag.png Port of Rouge Rouge 3 Lievs 210,000 (49.29%)
Jangsongflag.png Port of Jangsong Gulf of Jangsong 3.5 Lievs 245,000 (40.31%)
Pretenderflag.png Port of the Bassarid Kingdom of New Normark Gulf of Jangsong 8.5 Lievs 595,000 (83.11%)
Flag of Kingdom of Krasnocoria.png Union of Krasnocorian Stock Companies Krasnocoria 7 Credits 407,000 (73.47%)
Psi.png Pallisican Standard International 7 Credits 490,000 (22.52%)
Jingdaoese Common Market.png Jingdaoese Common Market 8.5 Credits 595,000 (21.68%)
NETC.png Nova English Trading Company 4.5 Credits 315,000 (9.68%)
Portvaeringheim.png Port of Vaeringheim Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa 4 Credits 280,000 (90.8%)
100px Port of Bassarid Apollonia Bassarid Apollonia TBA Credits TBA (-%)