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Port of Jirishanca

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The Port of Jirishanca is a seaport currently being built in the Alduro-Wechua city of Jirishanca, Santander. Construction began in 1686 AN and it is set to be the largest port of the Federation after Punta Santiago. The port is being built by a public-private consortium between the federal government, Kerularios & Company, the Pontecorvo Firm, and ESB Construction.

Phase I of the port is set to be operational in 1688 AN, comprising four container berths equipped to handle more than 2.4 million TEUs, with two berths for dry bulk goods and two berths for liquid cargo.

Construction on Phase II of the port began in 1690 AN, with similar specifications for Phase I, but taking into consideration improvements resulting from lessons learned on Phase I construction.

The port began full industrial-level commercial operations in mid-1694, after an inauguration ceremony attended by the newly-elected government executives.