Port of Blore Heath

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The Port of Blore Heath is the official marketplace of the Maritime Markets of the Strait of Haifa.

To invest in the Port of Blore Heath, please first create an account with the Bank of Blore Heath.

An up-to-date list of transactions within the port of Storms can be found at the Blore Heath Marketplace.

The Port of Blore Heath was used until 36.78 PSSC, when it was replaced by the Port of Vines.

List of Companies Housed in the Port of Blore Heath

Company Logo Company Name Region Represented Price / Share Shares Offered (% Remaining)
100px Blore Heath Shipping Corporation

Blore Heath

.97 Lievs 15,000 (0%)
100px Port of Jogi


1 Lievs 25,000 (14%)
100px Port of Mylecia


.76 Lievs 35,000 (11.43%)
50px Port of Rouge Rouge 1.2 Lievs 10,000 (0%)
50px Foreign Ports of the Stripping Path Misc. 1.95 Lievs TBA (-%)


  • In 36.75 PSSC the merchant caravans which travel to Blore Heath in order to sell their wares at the city's port began to redirect their routes, in response to the Bombardment of Blore Heath, to the Port of Mylecia. Operating in Mylecia, the merchant caravans of Blore Heath continued to sell their goods as usual, in relative peace, far from the destructive impact of the Shirerithian navy. While some merchants and their caravans remained in Blore Heath during this period, braving bombardment, most relocated north to the city of Mylecia. Some, in addition, also traveled to sell their wares in Jogi, though these were fewer in number than those who traveled to Mylecia.