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Political Parties of Senya

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List of Political parties

Party's with representatives in national parliament are listed here only.

Party name Short name Leader Ideology Colours Seats
Green Party of Senya Greens Barnaby Hands Green politics Green
305 / 535
Socialist Party of Senya Socialists Jordan Kempie Socialism Red
86 / 535
Liberalist Senya Liberals Gatkan Könez Liberalism Yellow
76 / 535
PinkSenya! Feminists Lucinda Alcock Feminism Pink
23 / 535
Conservative Party of Senya Conservatives Jan Mertez Conservatism Blue
22 / 535
Pirate Party of Senya Pirates Azlan Kɏečer Pirate politics Grey
18 / 535
River Warrior Party Rivorians Aáz Í-Ákyú Nationalism Black
4 / 535
Partei der Kolgrad Menschen PKM Sven Neiderschnile Nationalism Light Blue
1 / 535