Plushelona FC

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Juclandia Plushelona FC
Plushelona FC logo.png
Full name Plushelona FC
Nickname(s) The Plushies
Founded 2013
Dissolved 2020
Ground MicroArena
(capacity: 10,000)
Manager Juclandia Ursa Ballescu
League W-League

Plushelona FC was a Juclandian women's football club, which competed in the W-League.


First team squad

Men's Team

Main article: Plushelona FCM

The club had two small men's teams, the Plushelona FCM and Plushelona FCM II (reserves). Most of the domestic based players for Juclandia played for these two teams. Both sides competed alongside New Jucărești and New Jucărești II for the Juclandian men's title.