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Pjetro Campucci

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Pjetro Andrea Campucci
Member of the Llusan
Assumed office
Leader of the Sanaman Liberation Front
In office
3.II.1673 – 13.X.1685
Preceded by Collective leadership
Succeeded by Taliya Wilamu
Federal Councillor of Finance
In office
12.XII.1673 – 11.XV.1678
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Position abolished

Born 17.I.1631 (age 66)
Rosaria, Shireroth
Citizenship Sanaman
Political party Sanaman Liberation Front
Spouse(s) Angelita Concessa Caprici
Residence Rosaria
Alma mater Alto Siccre University
Profession Economist
Religion Nazarene Church

Pjetro Campucci (b. 1631 in Rosaria, Shireroth) is a Sanaman politician. Campucci served as Federal Councillor of Finance from 1673 to 1678, as leader of the Sanaman Liberation Front between 1673 and 1685 and as a member of the Llusan since 1679. Campucci is married and has two children. Campucci resigned as leader of the SLF in the day after the election in 1685, as a consequence of losing three elections in a row to the center-right.