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| unofficial =
| unofficial =
| issuing_authority = [[Bank Negara Phinbella]]
| issuing_authority = [[Bank Negara Phinbella]]
| peg = ðƒ1 = 0.90 [[Craitish Cräite|Cräite]]
| peg = ðƒ1 = 0.91 [[Craitish Cräite|Cräite]]

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Phinbellan florin
Florin Phinbella
핀벨라의 플로린
ISO 4217
Code PHF
1100 Shilling
Symbol ðƒ
 Shilling ȿ
Banknotes ðƒ1, ðƒ2, ðƒ5, ðƒ10, ðƒ20, ðƒ50, ðƒ100, ðƒ200, ðƒ500
Coins 1ȿ, 2ȿ, 5ȿ, 10ȿ, 20ȿ, 50ȿ, ðƒ1
User(s) Phinbella
Central bank Bank Negara Phinbella
Pegged with ðƒ1 = 0.91 Cräite