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Phinbella national football team

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Phinbella Phinbella
Logo of the Phinbella national football team
Nickname(s) Elemental Boy Scouts
Association PhFA
FMF member 2019–
Confederation AEFA (2019)
EMUFA (2019–)
Captain Mat Phineas Flynn
Home stadium Teruntum Stadium
FMF code PHI
First FMF intermicronational
Phinbella Phinbella 0–3 Raspur Raspur
Biggest win
Phinbella Phinbella 4–1 Barbary Barbary
Biggest defeat
Victoria Victoria 5–0 Phinbella Phinbella

The Phinbella national football team is the football team which represents the micronation of Phinbella. It is a member of the EMUFA after originally being affiliated to the AEFA, and is run by the PhFA.


The team was founded in early 2019 after Phinbella's Micrasian claim was successful. In the 2019 World Cup qualifiers soon afterwards, the team finished bottom of their five-team group without any points, having lost all eight of their matches. The team then competed in the 2019 Emerging Nations Cup, losing their quarter-final on penalties to Goëtia after a 1–1 draw before switching its confederation to the EMUFA. In late 2019, the team competed in the first Noka Cup, finishing bottom of their group after losing both matches.

In the following year's EMU qualifiers, the team improved significantly and topped their five-team group with 18 points, ahead of three-time champions Passas, to qualify for a first finals.

Chronological competitive participation


Kit history


Current squad

The following players were called up to the initial squad for the 2020 EMU Championships and 2020 Noka Cup.

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Gopal Kumar* 22 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
2 3DF Min Jae-hyuk 21 Phinbella Sporting Club
3 3DF Izzanie Murad 25 Phinbella Home United
4 3DF Sharaf Mahmud 20 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
5 3DF Takatsuki Hamako 26 Phinbella Home United
6 5MF Aigā Akabane* 17 Phinbella DPMM SC
7 5MF Mat Phineas Flynn* (captain) 21 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
8 7FW Ri Kae-hwan 28 Phinbella Home United
9 7FW Iwan Marɂdzukiɂ 21 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
10 5MF Keita Amanoe* 22 Phinbella Frostfire Cyborges
11 5MF Mat Shafiɂe Wan Man 27 Phinbella DPMM SC
12 1GK Chae Yoo-sook 30 Phinbella DPMM SC
13 3DF Xavier "Xhan" Bogārd* 17 Phinbella Frostfire Cyborges
14 3DF Mat Thornie Flynn* 20 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
15 5MF Laban Vanot* 17 Phinbella Frostfire Cyborges
16 5MF Shahrul Hizam Abdul Wahab 27 Phinbella Sporting Club
17 5MF M. Sakuramariam 22 Phinbella Home United
18 7FW Leonard Sahirocheu Koė Cosma* 20 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
19 7FW Park Ji-cho 25 Hazar Nevişahsınamünhasır FK
20 7FW Mat Victor Valèntich Flynn* 18 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
1GK Izzat Shakir Ammar 22 Phinbella Sporting Club
5MF Euyn Django Brown 22 Phinbella RTP Adiwira FC
7FW Jang Soo-heung 24 Phinbella DPMM SC

* Have other professions
** Has been transfered


Main article: BoBoiBoy ARMY

The BoBoiBoy ARMY (BoBoiBoy Adorable Representative MC for Yours) is the name of the major supporter group for the national team of Phinbella. They are known for their high fanaticism and support towards the national team, and are usually found standing for the entire length of every international match the national team plays. The main colours these supporters wear are those found in the canton of the Phinbellan flag, often accompanied by yellow scarves and banners. These supporters always bring flares, drums and large national flags to matches where possible.



Phinbella has used the following flags during its FMF affiliation:

2019–20 2020–